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Change Log:

Release (Dec 15, 2013):

  1. Add work around for invalid Yahoo SSL certificate. For some reason sometimes Yahoo doesn't use a correct certificate for, so in that case revert back to non-SSL in that case. I'm not sure what the pattern is here because sometime the certificate shows as being valid and other times not. None of the fetched data from the Yahoo home page is considered private with the possible exception of the number of new messages (the messages themselves are not fetched), so reverting to non-SSL doesn't really cause a loss of privacy or security. Logging in is still always done via SSL.
  2. Changes to make more compatible with Firefox 28 and up.

Release (Nov 25, 2013):

  1. still didn't work for Yahoo users in certain countries. I came up with a method that should work for everyone. As such I removed the alternate check option. If you still have problems, enable logging by changing the "extensions.ym_notifier.logenable" preference in about:config to true and send me all three log files after checking for mail. In addition I now use SSL when checking for new mail since it is now supported by Yahoo.

Release (Nov 18, 2013):

  1. 1.0.7 didn't work for Yahoo users in certain countries because Yahoo is currently using two different server configurations which are not entirely compatible. This should now be fixed. I added a "alternate checking method" to force switching between the two methods, so if checking doesn't work, try checking that box in the preferences. If it still doesn't work, clear the "" cookies from the browser and log in to Yahoo again.

Release 1.0.7 (Nov 12, 2013):

  1. Updated to handle changed on Yahoo's end. Now works again.

Release 1.0.5 (Mar 17, 2013):

  1. More fixes for mixing public and private windows. Addon will prefer public windows if available.
  2. Now requires Firefox 4 and up (or SeaMonkey 2.1 and up).

Release 1.0.4 (Mar 12, 2013):

  1. Fixed automatic checking on startup not working introduced in 1.0.3.
  2. Fixed issues when mixing Private and Public windows in Firefox 20 and up caused by Firefox bug 722850. Firefox bug 777620 needs to be fixed before a problem fix can be implemented.
  3. Removed support for browser versions older than Firefox 3 and SeaMonkey 2.1.
  4. Fixed issues with SeaMonkey support.
  5. Added Hy-AM locale
  6. Fixed issue caused by Firefox bug 818340 which blocks cookies from sites people haven't visited.

Release 1.0.3 (Mar 11, 2013):

  1. Hacky work around to let add-on work in private windows or when permanent private browsing mode is enabled.

Release 1.0.2 (May 8, 2012):

  1. Prevent Yahoo! Mail Notifier toolbar icon from resizing the add-on bar.
  2. Updated locales.

Release 1.0.1 (September 27, 2011):

  1. Switched to different Yahoo server for checking for new mail as old one stopped working.
  2. Fixed system sound alerts in OS X - uses "New Mail" sound.
  3. Fixed check for new Yahoo Mail (so don't reload tab when opening mail).
  4. Updated locales.

Release (January 18, 2011):

  1. Updated to work with latest version of Firefox.
  2. Fixed transparent context menu issue.

Release (June 18, 2010):

  1. Should now work with Yahoo Japan Mail again.

Release (October 14, 2009):

  1. Option to show icon in status bar will no longer be hidden in Shiretoko, Namoraka and Trunk loads. This should only be hidden for Mozilla and SeaMonkey 1.x.x. Likewise the uninstall menu item will only show up in Mozilla and SeaMonkey 1.1.x.

Release (October 7, 2009):

  1. Fixes to be compatible with Firefox 3.6 and latest trunk
  2. Some performance enhancements
  3. Status bar icon will no longer show as being logged in, when new windows are opened while not logged in.

Release (August 7, 2009):

  1. Don't allow the status bar icon to be dragged if Organize Status Bar addon is installed. Just let OSB handle it.
  2. Update max application versions
  3. Updated locales

Release (December 10, 2008):

  1. The work around to allow the extension to work when the user disallows third party cookies no longer works in Firefox 3.1 so the extension now reverts to adding a cookie exception for Yahoo if needed. It basically works like version Since the work around is no longer user, the extension no longer needs to make any changes for Noscript's Automatic Secure Cookie feature to work.

Release (October 8, 2008):

  1. If Yahoo returns an unexpected response when the add-on logs, in the add-on will now display Yahoo's response in a new tab in the current window so the user can take action. This covers cases where Yahoo returns a CAPTCHA when logging in or when it returns questions that need to be answered when the user logs in.
  2. Some people had issues where the add-on would never check for new mail automatically. I changed the mechanism used to ensure that only one window has permission to check which works around this problem.
  3. NoScript's Anti-XSS protection in the latest version of NoScript no longer interferes with the work around for bug 437174 I had put in Yahoo Mail Notifier version so I removed the code I put in that automatically adds a cookie exception for Yahoo and re-implemented the work around as it was in version The cookie exception that Yahoo Mail Notifier added to Firefox in version will automatically be removed. The work around will still only trigger if Firefox is set to block third party cookies and an exception is not added for Yahoo.
    NoScript's Automatic Secure Cookie feature will still interfere with the work around, so if the user enables that feature in NoScript and Yahoo Mail Notifier needs to use the work around, it will add an "ignore unsafe cookie" exception to NoScript's HTTP - Cookies tab. This is needed because Yahoo does not support secure cookies on any page except the login page. Complain to Yahoo about that one since it's their site that's not secure.

Release (September 16, 2008):

  1. If third party cookies are disabled in Firefox 3.0.x, the add-on will now automatically add an allow cookie exception for Yahoo. This is required to work around Firefox bug 437174 and still work when the NoScript add-on is installed. You no longer need to add any exceptions to NoScript.

Release (September 3, 2008):

  1. Passwords are no longer lost when upgrading from Firefox 2.0 to Firefox 3.0.

Release (July 28, 2008):

  1. Add compatibility with Firefox 3.1 alphas
  2. NoScript blocks the work around I put in so now the add-on only uses the work around if needed (third-party cookies are disabled and there are no exceptions for Yahoo) and only if NoScript will not block it. NoScript will block log-ins if the "Turn cross-site POST requests into data-less GET requests" option is checked on the Advanced->XSS tab and the Yahoo login page is not added as an exception. This exception will work: ^https://login\.yahoo\.(com)?(co\.jp)?/config/login[_a-z2]*$

Release (Release pulled):

Release (July 23, 2008):

  1. Added work around for bug 437174 an exception for Yahoo is no longer needed if user blocks third party cookies.

Release (July 18, 2008):

  1. Fixed typo which caused login to fail with BT-Internet accounts.

Release (July 16, 2008):

  1. Fixed a memory leak
  2. Switched to use a new URL for checking which seems to work for all mail accounts, is quiicker and provides more info.
  3. Removed the alternate checking method since it is no longer needed.
  4. Other various minor bug fixes.

Release (not officially released do to bugs):

Release (Jun 04, 2008):

  1. Fixed issue with extension generating errors in console for some MacOs X users.
  2. When using the alternate checking method, Yahoo returns "9+" when there are more than 9 new messages. The extension now shows "9+" instead of "9" when this occurs.
  3. Fixed a potential issue that could cause the extension to stop checking when a window is closed.
  4. Updated mk-MK locale

Release (May 08, 2008):

  1. Some users of non-US versions of Yahoo Mail were getting errors when checking. This should be corrected.

Release (March 11, 2008):

  1. Fix Bug 18715 - Log file will no longer grow out of control. Also made logging code more intelligent which should help debug problems.
  2. Fixed an issue where logging out didn't always correct clear out login credentials.

Release (November 7, 2007):

  1. Open window with response from Yahoo if Yahoo needs user input while logging in. This handles cases such as "performance improvement" or when Yahoo wants to verify user information.

Release (October 25, 2007):

  1. Updates es-ES and it-IT locales

Release (October 19, 2007):

  1. Fixed so extension will once again log into Yahoo Japan.

Release 1.0 (October 17, 2007):

  1. Yahoo now resets the new mail count again which was causing the extension to reset it when logging in. This was corrected.

Release (September 21, 2007):

  1. Added an alternate checking method. Check this preference if you are using a partnered Yahoo mail account or if the default checking method doesn't work for some other reason.
  2. Worked around an issue where Yahoo no longer resets the new mail count when you visit the new (beta) version of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Classic users are not affected. To make the work around start working, first log out using the extension's log out menu item and then click the extension's check now menu item to log back in and start checking. Finally use the extension to go to your Yahoo Mail page and the extension will reset the new mail account. Warning, if you do not use the extension to go to the Yahoo Mail web page, you will need to click the page's "Check Now" button or wait 10 minutes, otherwise the new mail count will not be reset.
  3. Added logging to file to make submitting bug reports easier.

Release (September 9, 2007):

  1. Fixed problem with new mail count maxing out at 9. This was caused when Yahoo changed the page the extension checks to display "9+" if you have more than 9 messages. The extension now reads the count from for all locales except Japan which still works the same way. Because of this change I don't know if partnered Yahoo mail accounts (ie: AT&T, Verizon, BT-Internet, etc) will still work correctly. If it doesn't please contact me.

Release (August 28, 2007):

  1. Added support for Growl notifications on Macs with Growl installed.

Release (July 17, 2007):

  1. Added mk-MK locale.

Release (June 10, 2007):

  1. Support for SeaMonkey 2.0a1 added.
  2. Change so addon will reuse an existing Yahoo mail tab in the window if available. It will not use a tab where the user is composing new mail. It also won't reload the tab if the user uses Yahoo Mail beta (which periodically refreshes the page anyway).

Release (May 17, 2007):

  1. Compatibility fix for Minefield (Firefox 3.0a5) do to password manager changes documented in Firefox Bug 374723.
  2. Workaround for SeaMonkey Bug 192165 which prevented user from deleting password.
  3. Add: locales af-ZA, be-BY and es-CL

Release (April 21, 2007):

  1. Fix: Bug 14562 - Add way to open login window from preference window.
  2. Fix: Bug 16600 - Too many login windows.
  3. Fix: Bug 16835 - Stops working under Linux when new window is open.
  4. Add: locales bg-BG, ru-RU and uk-UA
  5. Work around: BT Internet wouldn't log in when using a non-Firefox 1.5 based browser such as Firefox 1.0.8 or Netscape 8.1. This is the result of a bug in the older versions of Firefox, but a work around is now in place.

Release (May 3, 2006):

  1. Fix: Forgot to actually add the az-AZ localization files in 0.9.9. az-AZ will work now.
  2. Change: At request of sk localizer, changed sk-SK to sk.
  3. Update: Updates to sk and fr-FR localizations

Release (Apr 28, 2006):

  1. Added: gl-ES localization
  2. Change: Changed double click default time to within 400 ms. The first time is installed, the extensions.ym_notifier.doubleclicktime preference will be changed to 400. If you have manually modified this preference, you will need to change it again after is installed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Fix: Workaround for Bug 13677. Warning this will cause the extension to re-log into the default username when the user logs out on a Yahoo page and the extension is actively checking. It will also do so if the user logs out and into a different Yahoo account. If the extension is not actively checking, it will not do anything if the user changes Yahoo account until the user tells it to check again.
  4. Fix: Workaround for Firefox Bug 331276. This will only work if all extensions affected by this bug are updated to work around the bug.
  5. Fix: Better handle timeouts that can occur when checking for mail or logging in. Also added some checks for if the user is impatient and checks again too quickly. Also if an error occurs while checking, the extension will try an alternate server. You will still get errors, but they should go away the next time it checks.
  6. Update: Support for Firefox 3.0 alpha (Minefield)

Release 0.9.9 (Mar 28, 2006):

  1. Fixed: Now officially tested to work with BT Yahoo. Reported to also work with SBC Yahoo. May or may not work with other 3rd party Yahoo providers. Use your email address as the login when using 3rd party Yahoo providers.
  2. Fixed: Reset internal mail counter to 0 on logout.
  3. Fixed: Toolbar icon was not changing to error icon on error.
  4. Fixed: Last check time for when user clicks icon and also when user is not checking.
  5. Added: Ability to enter URL into sound file box (http://, file://, etc).
  6. Added: If no sound file is chosen the system "New Mail Notification" sound will play.
  7. Added: az-AZ, ca-AD localization
  8. Update: Support for Firefox 2.0 alpha (Bon Echo)

Release 0.9.8 (Mar 13, 2006):

  1. Fixed: Error alerts popping up after disconnecting from a network for a long period of time. Alert should now only pop-up when user tries to manually log in using either the login window or the "check now" menu entry to start checking (issuing a "check now" when the extension is already checking won't popup an error).
  2. Fixed: Firefox 1.0.X based browsers (Mozilla, Netscape 8.1 and FF 1.0.7) suffer from bug 174320. This will cause the extension to not check for mail when it first logs in when using an older browser. I've added a work around for this. Since Firefox 1.5, Flock and SeaMonkey do not suffer from this bug, this may explain why some people said that it wasn't checking for mail and others (like me) said it worked fine.
  3. Added: Option to allow user to select to check mail with mouse click. Currently uses the "Check now" text which isn't the best phrase, but will work for now since I don't want to go through the hastle of updating all the localization at the moment. I'll change it later during the next major update.
  4. Added: Last check time to tooltip.

Release 0.9.7 (Mar 8, 2006):

  1. Fixed Yahoo Japan login problem that I broke when trying to fix SBC Yahoo which I broke when trying to fix Yahoo Japan....
  2. Fixed issue where loging in as non-default user caused extension to become confused about which user was logged in. This doesn't add multi-user capabilities, but you can now add multiple users without causing problems.
  3. Requested addition: If the currently selected tab is blank, then the extension will always load Yahoo Mail in that tab instead of a new tab regardless of which mouse button is pressed.

Release 0.9.6 (Mar 3, 2006):

  1. Fixed error, where usernames could not be deleted.
  2. Should now work with all partnered Yahoo Mail accounts, but since I don't have any I can't test this.
  3. The extension will now check for the sound filename in the profile user chrome directory if it can't be found. To use this, just put your sound file in the chrome directory in your profile and type the filename in manually (don't use select). This is for people using Portable Firefox.

Release 0.9.5 (Mar 2, 2006):

  1. Changed to show error icon on 1 failure instead of 3 when checking for new mail.
  2. Leave up last known new message count on failure, just change icon.
  3. Fix for error alerts when logging in. If an error occurs on a login that occurrs before checking starts (user manually logged in or browser just opened) put up an alert window. If a login failed after checking was started (auto-relogin) then change icon and show check failure tooltip.
  4. Fixed issue where toolbar icon would not change on error.
  5. Extension now works with the Japanese version of Yahoo! Mail. It should also now work with BT Yahoo if it didn't already.
  6. Fixed a number of minor issues that can occur when users open and close browser windows.
  7. Allow special characters to be in the sound file path and filename.
  8. User sometimes was prompted for password when closing browser. This has been corrected.
  9. If US update check server fails, it will try to use the UK one automatically. If that fails it will report an error.
  10. Minor GUI change in preferences window (thanks to Teo).
  11. Updated localizations: de-DE, es-ES, en-US, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, pl-PL, sk-SK, tr-TR, zh-CH, zh-TW. Added da-DK, pl-BR, pl-PL localizations. If you want to help with the translation, the localization files are now available at Babelzilla

Beta 0.9.4 of new extension (Feb 1, 2006):

  1. Fixed issue with not being able to hide status bar icon in all browsers excluding Mozilla/SeaMonkey.
  2. Update it-IT localization.
  3. Fixed problem with checking interval where it would be wrong if user changed it (re-release version). See Bug 325418.

Beta 0.9.3 of new extension (Jan 29, 2006):

  1. New localizations: de-DE, ja-JP, nl-NL, pt-PT, sk-SK. Note: The new URL override, the error tooltip and uninstall GUI text is all in English since no translation was available.
  2. Option to override default mail URL added to user/pass preferences.
  3. The extension will now try to log into Yahoo at least once every 12 hours to stop Yahoo from prompting for password.
  4. Added an uninstall method for Mozilla and SeaMonkey. In addition the status bar icon can no longer be hidden in Mozilla and SeaMonkey since there is no way to get it back.
  5. Instead of popping up an error window when checking for mail fails, the icon and tooltip will change if this occurs.
  6. Added support for Netscape 8.1.

Beta 0.9.2 of new extension (Oct 22, 2005):

  1. Fixed single click handling. Every other click was treated as a double click.
  2. Fixed an issue that would occur if the user changed his/her Yahoo! password.
  3. Fixed issue with mail URL being incorrect for certain Yahoo accounts.
  4. es-ES localization by YoaR.
  5. fr-FR localization by Scooby.
  6. tr-TR localization by asteko.
  7. zh-CN and zh-TW localization by duley.
  8. Support for Netscape 8.0.4 added.

Beta 0.9.1 of new extension (Sept 25, 2005):

  1. Interval Preference now saves correctly.
  2. it-IT localization by andr3a.

Beta 0.9 of new extension (Sept 23, 2005):

  1. The ability to drag and drop the icon anywhere on the statusbar
  2. Sound notification on new mail
  3. Pop-up notification on new mail
  4. The ability to add the icon to the toolbar
  5. The ability to hide the status bar icon
  6. Number of new mail messages displayed next to icon (like GMail extension)
  7. Ability to not save password (will be prompted when the extension needs to log in).
  8. New logging capabilities which should make it easier to diagnose problems.
  9. A new method of determining if user is logged into Yahoo or not using cookies. Also uses cookie to log in and out. This is experimental and may cause Yahoo to prompt for password verification periodically when visiting a Yahoo page.

Change Log from old A's Yahoo Extension (Morac Version)

V3.2 (Sept 11, 2005)

  1. Since Yahoo seems incapable of fixing their US server problem, I've switched the extension to check the European server which will make checking for mail reliable once again. See this post for more details.
  2. The login and password is now URLencoded for username or passwords with special characters.

V3.2 (July 14, 2005)

  1. Extension is now compatible with Deerpark (Firefox 1.1) Alpha. Deerpark doesn't like letters in the version name which is why I used 3.2. To install in Deerpark place the .xpi file into the extensions directory in your profile.
  2. Popup alert now lists the Yahoo account username
  3. I added an option to allow the user to only pop up the alert if new mail actually arrives. So if you have 5 new messages the alert won't pop up again until there are 6 new messages. The "REPEAT" option will work the way it does now which keep showing the alert until the user goes to the Yahoo Mailbox. Remeber alerts only work in Windows. If you don't have Windows, the alert option won't show up.

V3.1a (July 12, 2005)

  1. Fix for username/pw errors when the user tries to toggle autologin preference off and on. This may also fix the username/pw errors some people seems to be getting (see post from today).
  2. For people who set a master password, the browser window will now open before the user is prompted for the master password.

V3.1 (June 21, 2005)

  1. Added localization for it-IT (andr3a) and de-DE (cubus).
  2. Clicking slider alert before it goes away opens mail in new tab (see this post).
  3. Only validate username/password in the preferences window if either change. If the user does not change the username or password, then the options are just saved. This prevents unnecessary logging in and out when updating other preferences.
  4. Now works with mailboxes that contain more than one suffix after yahoo. For example:


  1. Updated do to login changes made by Yahoo. If a user was already logged in, the login would fail.
  2. Added optional alert slider (only works in Windows do to limitations in Firefox).


  1. A bug introduced in my last version would cause the extension to always report that the username/password entered in the preference dialog window was invalid even if it was valid. This has been corrected.
  2. The extension would not work with certain non US Yahoo mail accounts. This should now be working correctly. I've tested it with UK and France Yahoo Mail, but it should work with others. As a side effect, the tooltip now displays in the user's native language when displaying the new mail count. Other text is still in English but I added locale information to make it easy to add other languages.
  3. I found and fixed a bug in the original extension where the interval might not be updated until after the browser window was closed and reopened (or the user force a logout and login).
  4. Modified the extension to make it more compatible with other extensions.
  5. A number of minor bugs and cosmetic fixes.
  6. Now works with Netscape 7.x and 8.0
  7. User can now choose which mouse buttons open Yahoo mail and where it opens.
  8. Added fr-FR localization (thanks to Yan).


  1. Changed to use the companion feed instead of parsing the mail website. This allows the extension to find new mail in all folders (not including the bulk or sent folders), not just the Inbox. In addition this allows extension to work with Yahoo mail from other countries as well as the US.)
  2. Added a tooltip to the icon that displays the total number of new messages currently available.
  3. Changed the single mouse click to double mouse click to open the Yahoo mail page.
  4. Middle clicking (or left clicking while holding down shift) on the mail icon will open Yahoo mail in a new tab. Double clicking will open it in either a new tab or the current tab based on the set preference.
  5. I corrected the following issues: a. While logging in, if Yahoo is slow to respond or never responds or the user's Internet connection is down or sluggish, the browser will become non-responsive while it waits for the response from Yahoo. If autologin is enabled, the main browser window will not open until the response comes in or times out. b. There is no indication if logging in fails.

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