Yahoo Mail Notifier is free software (MPL), but if you find it useful you can support its development :)

Before reporting bugs regarding the mail count being off, please perform the following steps:

  1. Enable logging by going to about:config in the location bar, type "extensions.ym_notifier.logenable" (without quotes) in the filter text box and then double click on the entry listed below that to change it to true.
  2. Log out of Yahoo (using both the Yahoo web page logout link and by right clicking on the extension's icon and selecting log out)
  3. Right click on the extension's icon and select "Check Now".
  4. Go to your Profile directory and find the file named "Yahoo_Mail_Notifier_log.txt" and email it to me (it doesn't contain any passwords, only your Yahoo username).
  5. Disable logging, by repeating step one to change the extensions.ym_notifier.logenable back to false.

Latest bugs filed for ymnotifier

Bug #Description
25957 Will not operate as intended
25908 No longer working - requires new login to yahoo to check mail ...
25788 new emails no longer auto open
25784 Yahoo email signed-off by default
25733 Notifier Icon does not function as a button after update to FF28.0
25718 chexk for new mails
25652 Icon shows an error. Always. No new mail count.
25460 Yahoo mail opens in allready opened tab (not a new one)
25450 template
25448 FF toolbar mail icon R Click drop down box not working

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For questions or comments about YMNotifier, please send a message to the ymnotifier feedback thread.
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