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Quick Description

This extension notifies you when new messages arrive in your Yahoo mailbox.

This version supports Firefox from 0.9 and up. It also supports Flock, Mozilla Suite, Netscape (8 and 9) and SeaMonkey (1.x and up).

The latest version can normally be found on the Mozilla official extension site and on the installation page on this site.

Please report bugs/problems on this page.
Questions/Comments/Suggestions can be posted at the official Mozillazine thread.

1q. Does this extension use secure logins?
1a. Yes it does. All logins use https.

2q. Is it safe to have the extension remember my password? How secure is it?
2a. The password is stored in the browser's stored passwords area and is only available to the extension. Stored passwords are encrypted, but unless a master password is set anyone with access to your browser can access them. I highly recommend setting a master password if using a shared PC. Otherwise anyone who logs into your account or copies your profile can view your stored passwords.

3q. Can I change the extension from going to
3a. Yes. As of 0.9.3, an option has been added to the user/password (login) window which allows the user to override the URL on a per user basis.

4q. Can I change the position of the icon in the status bar?
4a. Yes, you can click and drag the icon to wherever you want in the status bar. There is also an icon that can be added to the Firefox toolbar using the normal Customize Toolbar method.

5q. My double clicks are being treated as two single clicks. Why is this and is there something I can do?
4a. Yes. The extension defaults to treating 2 single clicks that are within 400 ms of each other as a double click. For the majority of people this is okay, but some people might have trouble clicking that fast. To change this value type "about:config" (no quotes) in the browser location bar and then "ym_notifier.d" (no quotes) in the filter text field. Double Click (or click and then right click and select "modify") the "extensions.ym_notifier.doubleclicktime" preference and change the number. This value is the time in milliseconds that the extension will wait for a 2nd left click after the user left clicks before assuming that the user only clicked once. Increasing this value will cause the extension to wait longer, meaning the user can double click slower, but it also means it will take longer for single clicks to register. Likewise, smaller values will mean the user has to double click faster, but single clicks will register quicker. So, for example, if the value is changed to 1000 than two clicks that are within 1 second of each other will be treated as a double click, but it will take 1 second for a single click to open the Yahoo Mail page.

6q. How do I uninstall the extension in Mozilla/SeaMonkey?
6a. Right click on the status bar icon and choose uninstall. Thanks to Jeremy Gillick for his Extension Uninstaller API for Mozilla.

7q. Can I help with localization?
7a. Yes! I'd appreciate any help with this. If you want to help with the translation, the localization files are available at Babelzilla. Just claim a localization and translate away.

8q. I want multi-user support now!
8a. That isn't a question.

9q. No really, why is it taking you so long to add multi-user support?
9a. A cross between not having enough spare time and having too much to do. Do to a highly aggresive work schedule, my job is taking up a lot of my time currently, leaving less time for other activities. I still plan to add multi-user support, it just requires a somewhat major rewrite which I don't have the time for currently. The good news is this is next on my list to do, I just don't have a time frame for completion. Basically when I get around to it.

Known issues:

  1. New Mail is not the same as Unread Mail. You can have unread mail and the new mail count will still be 0.
  2. The New Mail count is reset when visiting the page, clicking "Check Mail" and if using the non-classic version of Yahoo Mail ,every 10 minutes while on the mail web page.
  3. The extension new mail count can be off if you receive new mail while reading mail at Yahoo Mail's web page. To fix this just click the "Check Mail" button on the page.
  4. On some accounts, Yahoo! never updates the new mail count on when new mail arrives (you never see new mail notifications). I can't fix this. If you don't see a new mail indication on or, you'll need to contact Yahoo! and tell them your new mail count isn't updating correctly so they can fix it.
  5. Only the username marked as default will be checked for new mail. The extension can only check for mail if the user remains logged in. Logging out or switching users on a Yahoo page while the extension is actively checking will cause the extension to log back in to the default users's account the next time it checks for email. If you don't want this to occur, use the extension's "log out" command instead of logging out on the Yahoo page. This will be fixed when multi-user checking is added.
  6. Choosing a sound file to play on new mail has been reported to not work on Macs in Firefox 3.0. I don't have a Mac so I can't test this, but from researching the problem it appears the code to play the default sound was removed. There is a bug opened against Firefox for this.
  7. If the "Clear Private Data" setting is set to clear "Saved Passwords" and you clear the private data in Firefox, either by clicking the "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox" checkbox or by manually clearing it, then any Yahoo passwords saved by this extension will also be cleared and will need to be entered again. If you want YMNotifier to remember passwords, uncheck the option to clear saved passwords in the Private Data settings in the Privacy Tab Firefox options.

To Do:

  1. Add support for multiple accounts. I'm looking for suggestions on how to notify the user as to which accounts have new mail and which do not. At the moment I'm thinking of using the same interface that GMail Manager uses and have been given permission by Todd Long to do so.

For questions or comments about YMNotifier, please send a message to the ymnotifier feedback thread.
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